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Cracow has its own international airport (John Paul II, or KRK, in Poland the name “Balice” is also used), with most major airports of the world a single connection away, and there are numerous direct cheap and regular flights to many European cities. The direct flights can be checked at the KRK website.

How to get…

                           … FROM THE CRACOW AIRPORT TO THE CITY CENTRE

• by train: probably most convenient, it takes about 17 minutes to get from the Cracow Airport to the Cracow Main Train Station. Ticket price: 9 PLN / 2.5 EUR Train departs from the airport each half hour – for further information and detailed timetable please check:,a2496.html

• by bus: Cracow Airport is served by two regular bus lines: 208 and 252 and one night line: 902. These are AGGLOMERATION BUS LINES. For further information:,c70/transport,c313/how-to-get-to-krakow-airport,c314/public-buses,a2430.html

• by taxi: it takes about 30-40 minutes to get to the centre (depending on traffic).

Price: 80 PLN – 100 PLN / 20 – 25 EUR …


Cracow is a very walkable city and it also boasts of a rather reliable public transportation system. The conference venue is within 20 or 25-minute walking distance from the Main Train Station. Tram connection: about 15 minutes. The tram stop called “Uniwersytet Jagielloński” (Jagiellonian University) is situated very closely to the building named “Collegium Novum” (street: Gołębia 24), where is the main conference venue (see: “Conference venue”)